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Extract from out of the blue
In this poem the sound that is most prominent is ing. In near every verse it ends with ing for example ‘building burning’, ‘twirling, turning’ and there are a lot more. Rhyming drawn ing.

The right word
In the right word the ending of most words at the end of each verse r rhyming. It could connect each word, relating them.

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The falling leaves

Hawk roosting: I believe the poem is about power it takes an animal, animals live by instints unlike human who have a conscience and the ability to reflect on their actions. hawks are top of the food chain in their habitat. Tbc

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Intro – explain what, how, when and who of relationship and prejudice

what it is
how/when they are formed
what levels of relat. are there
relat. who (mum/dad etc) family, friends etc

What it is
when it happens
when e.g time 1930’s 1850’s etc

Then link both how they can affect each other in short (explain more at conclusion)


Crooks (racism)
the prejudice against him (quotes to support) expalin–>link–>show how they show/support prejudice

Shakespeare and the Literary Heritage – Assessment Feedback

This essay is dense with thoughtful analysis and some highly insightful conclusions about the emotions the women experience and what leads to this strength of emotion. It also explores the context of the play and the poetry and also links this context to their feelings.

To improve your work more, there is a single priority:

Every point and every idea must be supported with a specific quotation from the text – and then, preferably, the language of those quotes should be investigated.

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This book is quite unrealiale is there is no reference to simon and simon not a co author this mean that he has made up and predicted what he simon has said. The part of the book that talks about simon reflecting about what he has just done was actually joe predicting what simon is thinking. This is most likely a attempt to make the reader feel sorry for him and have a negative feeling to simon.
In addition as there are two books this could suggest that one was not happy with interpretion of the other and that they don’t talking to each other. Furthermore one of them didn’t agree with the events and how things happened.
I also wonder how he (simon) fell 100 ft and survived, in addition he also survived days without food with technically one leg. This virtually i possibly, an average person will not have survived a day of this horrid ordeal…… Pg. 155 he says he couldn’t remember thye nearest flowing water. If couldn’t remember this which was not so long ago how can he remember to describe the smallest of things and remember the shakespeare revision session he had had when he was doing his o levels. However this could due to the fact that he had not eat or drank for days. Furthermore on page 155 he has stated that he was unable to remember things.

How do speaking and texting influence each other?

Texting and speaking is what everyone does. It is part of everyday life. Texting is a substitute of phoning someone up. In a text we try to put what we want to say in that text. Texting is less time-consuming than phoning someone, furthermore you can do something else between the intervals of sending and receiving the reply.
Many features such as accent and dialect have influence texting as it is as if you are actually talking to the person as they have that type of accent.
Many features used are both in speaking and in texting.

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How do these enrich our communication?

Having emoticons, fillers, dialect and etc. Enable communicating via texting can be expressible. As for example emoticons, having emoticons express your facial expression or your mood. It can also soften or strengthen what you have just said e.g ‘what is wrong with you :)’ or ‘i’m so happy :)’ or ‘i am really sad :'( ‘. It enables the receiver to know the kind of mood the sender is in.

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What features are distinctive of text communication that aid brevity?

Brevity means to make something brief.
Many features are used in text communication and most of them if not all make texting short and brief.
Ellipsis is a feature used to keep texting brief. Ellipsis is when you omit or exclude a letter or word in a sentence. This is an example; ‘wat up to’.
This sentence contains other features as well. ‘wat’ should be ‘what’ h is omit ‘wat’ takes less time typing then ‘what’. In addition the sentence is miss ‘you are’. ‘you’ and ‘are’ are omit as it takes time and you still understand what the sender would like to say. This how the sentence should be ‘what are you up to’.
Another feature used in the text message sent Upper and Lower case(S). At the start ‘wat’ is not started with a capital, as at the start of any sentence you have to start it with a capital letter.
Not adding a capital let consumes less time, imagine how much time you would spend just to start every sentence with a capital letter, pressing shift every single time.
Vague language keeps text communications brief as instead of mention every single object or issue you can say all about as one thing. e.g ‘are you bring your phone, football, money and books’ instead you can say ‘are you bring your stuff/things’. It also puts all of the items/objects as one or as a whole entity. Texting is made for brief communication so the features will increase the briefness of texting.
Omission is one of the most used espically ampng young people. People use omission absent mindedly or just to send a text.


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